We've got your information! now what?
1. Mock up
Once we have the links for your website and social media, we work on building a mock up for you in 3 days to get you an idea of the layout of the website suited for your gym.
2. Confirmation + Payment
Once your happy with the proposed mock-up, you can make a payment to us and we will proceed with building the backend/frontend of the website.
3. Website contents ( Pictures + Texts )
If you professional images or your own text contents, simply send them to us and we will upload them to your website asap.
4. Pre-launch confirmation
Once we did everything, we get your confirmation to launch and edit any last minute change!
5. Launch
We launch!!!!
Website update
For any website content updates, just message us and we will do it instantly
If you are not happy with our hosting we will transfer you the code without asking any questions.
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